A domain name reseller account is an excellent addition to a virtual or a dedicated server acquired with the plan to launch a website hosting company on your own. This enables you to offer domain names and website hosting packages, i.e. all that clients will need to start their web presence. Most billing platforms for resellers have the option to create a domain name reseller account with several clicks or by using a plugin, which means that the whole process is automated - from the order procedure on your site, to the domain and website hosting account activation. If you have a domain name reseller account, your business will be more appealing to customers and you will have more control over the domains they register, which means that you will be able to respond to support requests more effectively and a lot quicker. Also, a domain name will cost less if it's bought via a reseller account with a registrar company, which means that you are able to offer more competitive prices to your clients.
Enom Domain Name Reseller Account in VPS Hosting
If you get a virtual private servers from us and you select the cPanel web hosting Control Panel throughout the signup process, you will not need to look any further for a domain reseller account, because we'll ensure that you get one at no extra charge. The account will be with one of the largest ICANN-accredited registrars, eNom, and it'll allow you to provide a huge number of domain extensions to your customers - both generic and country-specific ones. The advantage of using the account that we will provide you with is that it is under our account with them, therefore you won't be expected to pay the deposit they generally require and you can register and renew domain names at a decreased price. You can take advantage of the eNom account with any kind of payment software that you plan to use to charge your clients, which includes ClientExec. The abovementioned is one of the freebies we give with every single cPanel-based virtual server plan.
Enom Domain Name Reseller Account in Dedicated Web Hosting
When you obtain a dedicated server from us with the idea to start reselling your space, you'll have an advantage over your competitors, since we give a free of cost domain reseller account with all the servers that are acquired with the cPanel website hosting Control Panel. In this way, you will be able to provide over one hundred domain extensions from all over the world, which will make your company more appealing to prospective clients. The account which we will supply you with will be with one of the very best registrar companies that you can find - eNom. The advantage of using it rather than registering directly with them or with any other domain supplier is that your account is created under our account with them, and as we use their top package, you won't have to make any deposits and you will have the chance to register new domain names at the cheapest possible price. The eNom account can be integrated with all the widespread reseller billing solutions, including ClientExec, that we provide totally free with all the cPanel-equipped servers as well.