Whenever some content is uploaded to a cloud web hosting account or downloaded using it, some web site traffic is generated which is a characteristic that each and every hosting plan has. It is moreover among the characteristics it is important to take a look at, because the amount of traffic allowance you'll need is dependent upon the things you need the account for. The traffic is primarily produced by downloads which includes website visits. In simple terms, whenever someone visits your site, the pages are downloaded from the server on their computer system and they're afterwards displayed by their internet browser. It is of course recommendable to know that uploads count as well, hence whenever you back up bigger files from your computer to the server, some website traffic is generated too. Different suppliers can have different names for this particular feature, for instance traffic, bandwidth, data transfer, yet they all apply to the very same thing - the amount of incoming and outgoing info produced for a particular period of time.
Monthly Traffic in Cloud Web Hosting
Our cloud web hosting packages were created with the concept to take care of the traffic produced by any kind of site that can exist in such an account. In case you currently have one or several small-scale or medium-sized web sites, you will not be limited by the monthly website traffic quota irrespective of what content you may have - plain text or perhaps many images, for instance. The stats inside the hosting Control Panel will provide you with comprehensive data about the website traffic generated by each and every web site along with the total amount for the account in general. The figures are updated in real time and indicate both the everyday and the monthly usage, which means that you'll know how much information is transferred to and from the website hosting account at any moment. Day one of each and every month your counter is reset, but you will still be able to view the site traffic statistics for the past months, which will give you an idea how your websites perform.
Monthly Traffic in Semi-dedicated Hosting
All of our semi-dedicated server plans can host a number of resource-demanding sites as they come with a lot of processing power. Such sites usually produce a lot of traffic and that's why we've decided not to limit this characteristic. When you use a semi-dedicated server, you'll be able to have as many visitors as you can get without having to worry that you'll get to some limit for the traffic they will generate. For your benefit, you will be able to monitor what's going on in the account since we will supply you with hourly, daily and monthly stats for the web site traffic your websites produce. Thus, you will be informed on the way they perform at any time. You'll even be able to view which web page or file has generated the most traffic for each web site in your semi-dedicated server account.
Monthly Traffic in VPS Hosting
The monthly site traffic quota for our VPS hosting packages is proportional to the rest of the server’s resources. If you obtain a more powerful server, it is likely that you'll operate a well-known web site or even several websites, so there will be more website visitors. By reason of this, the higher package you order, the greater monthly website traffic quota you'll get. We will let you know once you reach 90% of the amount, so you will have the required time to take action and either improve your plan or optimize your sites and decrease the website traffic that they generate until the counter resets the subsequent month. If you choose to upgrade, you can do so from the billing Control Panel and with only a few mouse-clicks. In addition, you'll be able to monitor the amount of website traffic your server has already made and the amount that is left until you reach your monthly limit. This info is can be found in the VPS control panel where you're also able to reboot your server and check out the use of all other resources for example HDD space, CPU load or physical memory usage.
Monthly Traffic in Dedicated Web Hosting
Taking into account how powerful all of our dedicated servers hosting packages are, the data transfer that you'll get each month will be sufficient for any type of web site irrespective of the amount of its visitors, even if you supply image or file hosting. You'll receive an allowance of terabytes of website traffic each and every month and given that you won't share the server with anyone else, that quota will be available only for your web sites and web apps. We will inform you once you get to 90% of your allowance which means that you will be able to react and either optimize your sites to reduce the site traffic they generate, or increase the limit. It is very unlikely that you will ever need more than what we'll provide, yet we won't restrict the growth of your sites, therefore we leave the possibility to include more site traffic open. The dedicated server plans feature a control panel where you can see the amount of traffic has been produced so far for the present month and the amount that is left until you reach the cap. Considering the fact that these figures contain software installations and updates, they're more precise than any hosting Control Panel statistics which include only the site traffic generated by sites.